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EcoPaack Kraft Paper Bag SOS DD65 - 12 x 7 x 17" - 250pcs

EcoPaack Kraft Paper Bag SOS DD65 - 12 x 7 x 17" - 250pcs

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EcoPaack Kraft Paper Bag SOS DD65 - Unleash Sustainable Style in Every Package

Introducing the EcoPaack Kraft Paper Bag SOS DD65, where innovative design meets eco-conscious packaging. This package includes 250 carefully crafted bags, offering a seamless blend of functionality and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • DD65 Versatility: Embrace the Dual-Directional (DD65) design for unparalleled versatility. These bags are perfect for various applications, providing a reliable packaging solution for your business needs.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring a generous 12 x 7 x 17 inches, these bags offer ample space for a range of items without compromising on ease of use. Ideal for retail, groceries, and more.
  • SOS Efficiency: The Self-Opening Square (SOS) feature ensures a hassle-free packaging experience, making these bags a practical choice for fast-paced environments.
  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium Kraft paper, these bags not only boast durability but also contribute to your brand's commitment to environmental responsibility. Make a statement with packaging that reflects your dedication to sustainability.

Why Choose EcoPaack?

  • Innovative Design: The DD65 design sets these bags apart, providing a unique solution for diverse packaging needs.
  • Sustainable Practices: Our Kraft Paper Bags embody the ethos of responsible packaging. Choose EcoPaack to align your brand with eco-friendly values without compromising on performance.
  • Bulk Convenience: This package of 250pcs offers a convenient solution for your packaging requirements, providing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Elevate your packaging game with EcoPaack Kraft Paper Bag SOS DD65. Order your pack of 250 today and redefine sustainability in every package. Let each bag showcase your dedication to a greener future, one thoughtful package at a time.


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